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I credit the characters on the cards to their respectable owners...and since there are 23 authors' characters besides my own in here that is a long list of names...which I am willing to name now with their respected cards and characters.

Suit Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King
Spade Shin Wesley Jazz Kanos Kat Nagumi CD Matt Skye Tori Ray Rumi Knight of Chaos
Diamond Nen Hoku Clock Cress Shijo and Bontan Katrina AKA Kat AKA Katty Stormy Kenshi Kay Slash Chris Rasha Darkie
Heart Des Lilyian Iico Yuna Crescent Nyomi Sasha Starr John Shard Neroe Kar Majin
Club Katai Daiki Rupph Bubble AKA Bubbie Joe Sam Sergio 2021 AKA Core Jacob Damaru Vas Robyn Glandor
Jokers Shafig Vuur Rajan Fuzzball

Today - Kanos
Matt - Matt
Tori - Tori
Ryujin - Kenshi
Kestdal - Kay
RyuRu - Chris
Kai - Lilyian
Iico - Iico
Neroe - Neroe
Radd - Sergio
Core - 2021 AKA Core
Jacob - Jacob
Glandor - Glandor
Kar - Kar
Razor - Wesley and Starr
Yuna - Skye and Yuna
Ray - Ray and Sasha
Dregan - Nen and Vas
Shin - Shin, Knight of Chaos, and Robyn
Chichi - Nagumi, Cress, and Nyomi
Majian - Rumi, Stormy, and Majin
Crescent - CD, Darkie, Des, and Crescent
Shard - Hoku, Katty, Rasha, Shard, Katai, Daiki, Rupph, Bubbie, Damaru, Vuur, and Rajan
Slash/Me - Jazz, Kat, Clock, Shijo and Bontan, Slash, John, Joe, Sam, Shafig, and Fuzzball

Credit to for the code that generates the card randomly.